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Here you will find the rules for the servers. Not reading the rules isn't an excuse to break them.


The chat is here to allow players to communicate, trade, and have fun. Rude, racist, or hurtful speaking is not allowed, and will result in a mute, jail, or ban. Cursing is allowed in moderation, but excessive cursing is not. Trolling or spamming in the chat is also prohibited. English is the official language of AnotherMC, please use it in the main chat. Advertising is not allowed in chat- this includes any website or server.


AnotherMC has 2 types of staff- ADMIN and MODS. The ADMIN owns and runs the network, if he tells you something, it's wise to listen. You are a guest on our network and we hold the right to ban where we see fit. The MODS are trusted players who have the authority to mute, jail, kick, or tempban players as needed. If a MOD tells you something, listen to them. Please don't ask to be a staff member. If you have any problems or feel like anything unfair has been done to you, contact us on Discord.


We want AnotherMC to always be fast and lag-free, but we also don't want to limit player builds. Everyone needs to do their part to prevent server lag. Redstone builds are generally allowed, but please try to build as efficiently as you can. Excessive entities in builds can cause lag, and are not allowed. If you plan on building something with a large number of observers or hoppers, let us know first. Excessively laggy builds are not allowed, for the play experience of all players, and 0-tick builds are not allowed. If you're not sure if your build will be too laggy to be allowed, let a staff member know first, to avoid any wasted effort.


Griefing is doing anything to intentionally annoy or hurt other players, or their property or builds. Griefing is strictly prohibited and will lead to a jail or ban. If you have a directly offensive skin, you might be asked by staff to change it. If you don't change it after a warning, you may be banned.


In Minecraft, there are many bugs. We've done our best to fix all the bugs we can, but some may still exist. Exploiting bugs is prohibited. If you see a bug, please report it on Discord. Doing anything to attempt to cheat the anti-lag mechanics, such as with animal despawning, is not allowed. Hacking of any kind, such as flying or x-raying, is strictly banned, and you will be too if you do it.


These rules are kept vague to give players a more lax experience, but if something seems like it might or should be against the rules, don't do it. Common sense is required and applies to unwritten rules. Paying real-world money for in-game items is not allowed. If you're caught doing this, you may be banned. Alternate accounts are allowed, within reason. You can have up to 2 accounts total. They cannot be used to do anything unfair in-game. If you are having a server event and wish to have a Discord announcement made, contact an ADMIN, and they might be willing to make a server-wide announcement. If somebody pays you for something you offered, you must complete your side of the deal, or return the payment in full. AnotherMC's rules are subject to change as needed, the rules will evolve as the server grows. All important updates and info will be on Discord, be sure to check on a regular basis.


The above rules apply on all servers. Some servers have additional rules as well, listed below.


You can use CLAIMS to protect land for builds and prevent grief.


You can use CLAIMS to protect land for builds and prevent grief. Build to your heart's content, and keep redstone builds small. If needed, a dedicated redstone experimentation server will be made.